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Located in Bangalore, we at VOiLA3D manufacture fully finished custom electronic enclosures and associated parts. Advanced and agile manufacturing processes including, but not limited to 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, Soft Tooling, CNC Machining are used to rapidly manufacture enclosures in a wide range of industrial grade materials and in a variety of custom finishes and colours. There are no minimum orders, and we’ll build anything from prototypes and one-off designs, right up to low volume manufacturing  hundreds of units.

Leveraging the capabilities of our 3D Printer Farm, we also provide  on-demand 3D Printing (a.k.a. additive manufacturing) services   in FDM and SLA technologies. Parts can be 3D Printed in a wide range of industrial grade thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics,  

As of June 2018, we have 3D printed more than 3318 parts in FDM and SLA technologies, in 18+ technical plastics and have clocked more than 21,714 hours in 3D Printing.

What began as a small experiment with one 3D Printer and a handful of PLA filaments, has since grown into a 3D Printer farm of  enterprise grade 3D Printers, spread over 02 additive technologies and wide range of technical plastics, with additional capabilities including Laser Cutting, Soft Tooling and CNC Machining.

VOiLA3D Academy - Learn 3D Printing in vernacular languages; Kannada, Tamil & Telugu.

During the last 03 years, the VOiLA Team has had the valuable opportunity to interact with hundreds of customers. 

Each interaction and discussion strengthened our belief that we should contribute more towards enabling and empowering individuals hone their skill-sets through re-skilling and up-skilling initiatives which in-turn will bridge the wide-spread skills gap, leading to better and faster product development. 

VOiLA Academy is a dedicated initiative by us in this direction, providing industry oriented training in 3D Printing to individuals and companies, to close the skills gap and foster product development. 

Further, we strongly believe that technical education in vernacular languages is the need of the hour.  As a step forward in this direction, in addition to English as a medium of instruction, we conduct training courses in  vernacular languages like Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. 

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About Our Founder – Vaibhav Koushik

 Vaibhav makes things work at VOiLA 3D. He wears many hats; he leads our business growth, innovation and is the course director for our industry oriented 3D Printing Training Programs. In addition to being an avid learner, he is passionate about technical education; loves teaching both professionally and while waiting for the metro. He graduated from Atria Institute of Technology. Prior to founding VOiLA, Vaibhav was a Research Associate in a project on nanomaterials; funded by a DRDO extramural research grant, served as a faculty member of the M.E. department at  Atria  and was previously a project intern at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. 

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